ATP01 - Carl Carrie, JP Morgan

The Algorithmic Trading Podcast show

Summary: Carl Carrie, JP MorganWelcome to the first episode of The Algorithmic Trading Podcast, brought to you by Voices in Business and sponsored by Sybase.Today, we feature Carl Carrie, Head of Product Development, Client Solutions Group, JP Morgan, in conversation with Sinan Baskan, Senior Product Manager at Sybase and Greg Grimer of Voices in Business.Detailed show notes for this episode:00:13 - Introduction01:00 - Start of interview01:30 - Where do things stand today withnbsp;Algorithmic Trading?02:32 - Where are the bottlenecks and gaps?05:10 - Disruptive/breakthrough technologies06:08 - Complex event processing07:46 - How small players #38; large/scale players fit into the ecosystem10:22 - North America vs Europe vs Asia12:59 - Buy-side and sell-side issues14:08 - Risk-based pricing and dark pools of liquidity16:17 - Implications of MiFID #38; RegNMS19:44 - Maintaining a competitive advantage innbsp;Algo Trading21:15 - How competitive are emerging markets?22:28 - New types of risk24:15 - Inbound data issues26:57 - Architectural paradigms for real-time data distribution29:44 - Controls #38; data management protocols31:06 - Bridging the disconnect between technologists #38; business32:41 - End of interview, #38; wrap-upClick here for a full transcript of this episode.We welcome all feedback, so please leave a comment here on the website, call us to leave an audio comment at +44 (0) 20 7193 1295, or send a message to Now:To listen to the podcast right now, click on the player icon below.