European Portuguese Podcasts show

Summary: Hi! And welcome to This blog is aimed at providing you with simple and easy to follow European Portuguese podcast lessons. Each day a new podcast shall be made available on the site and at the end of every week and review podcast shall be posted. There is no need for pens or paper as this course is made up entirely of free to download podcasts, you'll be chatting away in portuguese in no time at all! Please remember that this course is aimed primarily at the European variant of the popular portuguese language, the pronunctiation differs greatly from the Braziian variant and in certain situations an alternate form of grammar is used. However, do not worry! EU Portuguese can be understood almost perfectly in Brazil! Without further ado I present to you the first preview podcast! Click here to download mp3! (If you have Quicktime installed you may find that the download requires that you right-click and select 'Save link as') offers this learning podcast free of charge. This podcast is aimed primarily at people wishing to learn european portuguese quickly and easily!