The Novel Experience Podcast: Best-Selling Funny Gal, Denise Dietz

The Novel Experience show

Summary: The Novel Experience®: the podcast dedicated to the craft and art of fiction writing. Mystery author Nicola Furlong interviews writers, publishers, agents and booksellers to discover tips and techniques that will help authors improve their writing skills and get their fiction published. Episode 1: Footprints in the Butter My guest is my good friend and funny gal Denise Dietz, best-selling mystery and historical romance author. Discover some key elements to mystery writing, learn a terrific tip to improve your fiction writing and find out what happened to Deni at The Dallas/Fort Worth's every author's dream! (Duration: ~14 minutes) The Novel Experience Podcast Episode 1 My Podcast Alley feed! ( {pca-36ee8632873275dbd640afbf42b05186}