Krynoid Podcast 027: The King's Demons

Doctor Who: The Krynoid Podcast show

Summary: "Twahce een one deh. Eet eez murst embarrasseeng." The legendary, if incomprehensible, words of the Sir Gilles Estram, the Franco-Indian King's Champion out of The King's Demons! In the latest Krynoid Podcast, Jim and Martin cast their peepers over this Peter Davison 2-parter and ponder the provenance of Anthony Ainley's accent, worry about Kamelion's head falling off and groove to the crazy disco sounds of King John and his Lovely Lute. The Doctor has a sword fight, Tegan moans about the cold and Turlough looks out of a window. Unmissable stuff. And Dr Phill from the Adventures in Time, Space and Music podcast joins us to provide some welcome professionalism. Check it out now!