Byron S04E03: The Night of '68

Darker Projects: The Byron Chronicles show

Summary: October 1968. Bodies of the recently dead are returning to life and feeding upon the living. Byron must find a way to stop the night of living death. The Byron Chronicles 4.03: The Night of '68 (21:16, 29.3 MB, released 2012.10.24) ‬David Ault as Byron ‬A.J. Clarkson as Morgan Julian Bane as Father Malakye George Kosana as The Sheriff Bruce Busby as the Radio Announcer Bill Cardille as The Field Reporter Philip Webber as Death Byron Theme by Kai Hartwig Script edited by George S. Nader This episode written, directed and produced by Eric Busby Sound design by Eric Busby An Eric Busby Production for Darker Projects