MOT #87 - When You Find The Right Track... Don't Just Get On... Get Going!

The Mind of a Trader show

Summary: Leave a voice message and you might be on MOT: ------- If we get on the right track and just sit still, we will get run over. As a trader, each of us needs to continually review our overall plan and ensure that we are staying on track with the market movement. We need to stay in tune with the volatility and adjust our strategy so that we do not get run over. The real struggle begins when we get everything in order, but then do nothing. This might be because of fear, lack of knowledge or many other reasons. It is so important that we keep moving forward, using the power within our own engine and use the skills we have at the current level of our trading career to make a decision and commit to it. If a train sits still, it will get nowhere and could also easily get hit by another one that is moving down the tracks. They all must keep moving to stay on schedule. Each of us must do the same. We are all just one decision away from a great change in our life. So, find your track, get your engine started and push the throttle forward to experience the journey.