MOT #92 - Climb The Mountain and Love It

The Mind of a Trader show

Summary: Mind of a Trader has a new home! ------- We all have situations in life that are challenging. They seem to be so large that they look like a mountain that is insurmountable. At times we might decide that the climb is too difficult for us and we walk away. The world throws that style of defeat at us in so many ways and we need to be aware of it and not allow it to stop us. We will not make it to the top of the mountain the first time every time, but if we learn from our challenges and never walk away we will begin to look at these mountains in a different way. Instead of seeing them as something that has beat us down before, caused us pain, brought about losses or any of a dozen of other negative pictures, start to picture yourself going farther next time. When the mountain appears and the climb looks difficult, don't walk away. Say to yourself, "I love the climb". Because then and only then will we begin to see ourselves making it to the top and planting that flag of success on the peak.