Episode 115 of "Library of the Living Dead" featuring "Library of Horror Podcast"

The "Library of the Living Dead" Podcast show

Summary: And here we be Good Librarians. A new "Library of Horror" podcast for you to peruse. It contains stories, songs and an Eerie Examination by Midnight Corey. I hope you like the show. Here's what you get for free: 0:00 - "Horror Night" by T Virus 2:11 - Doc's intro 3:35 - "Peeling Ernie" by David Dunwoody 7:00 - "Horrorteria - Captain Howdy" by Twisted Sister 10:45 - "The Swarm" by John McCuaig 17:46 - "The Horror" by RJD2 21:54 - "Corey's Eerie Examinations" - "Abominable Dr. Phibes" 34:04 - "The Horror Song" by Captain Cutthroat (For the Forum Pirates) 43:42 - "Dr./Patient Confidentiality" by Lee Hartnup 47:46 - "Don't Fall Asleep" by Swallow the Sun Link to podcast: www.dr-pus.podomatic.com Link to forum: www.libraryofthelivingdead.lefora.com Link to website: www.thelibraryofthelivingdead.com Undead love to y'all, Doc