Episode 2:8 - Weird It Up

Nanowrimo Podcast 2007 show

Summary: Bet yer plot bunnies & ninjas (ninja bunnies?) here! And mp3s, too. feedback Michael writes about having similar problems as me, but got over itNan has another distractionLesley has a question - who wants to publish and who does NaNo as only a personal exercise main course answering Lesley’s question, I only tend to write during nano, but yes, I have delusions of publishingMichael got over his blockage by spending a few minutes brainstorming – I did this early on & it helped a lotI also got out to the local meeting this weekend, I met Steph, talked about chickens, weasels and pants reading Steph’s excerpt promo – Morevi s-s-s-something from the forums get acquainted with your regional forums