"Parley P. Pratt's Greatest Hymns" with Roger Hoffman & Pete Peterson

The Cricket and Seagull Fireside Chat show

Summary: Parley P. Pratt. Even his name is interesting. Minister, missionary, poet, author, and Apostle; he lived only 50 years, but left a powerful legacy including an autobiography and some 50 hymn texts -- many of which are still favorites of the Saints. Now "Parley P. Pratt's Greatest Hymns" gives new arrangements to these favorites, and musical life to many others for the first time. The writers, arrangers, and producers for this project are Pete Peterson and Roger Hoffman. Pete is former Executive Vice President of WordPerfect Corporation, currently a volunteer with the Perpetual Education Fund, who says he would have been an excellent musician except for his problems with rhythm and intonation. Roger is is a Clio and Peabody Award-winning songwriter, singer, and arranger -- the writer of "Consider the Lilies," a Tabernacle Choir favorite. Today we talk to Roger and Pete about bringing the hymn texts of Parley P. Pratt to life. Thanks for listening! - SKP