"Father Lehi" award to be presented to Book of Mormon geography pioneer Dr. Joseph Allen

The Cricket and Seagull Fireside Chat show

Summary: At the upcoming Book of Mormon Archeological Foundation conference in Salt Lake City, Dr. Joseph Allen and his wife Rhoda will receive the "Father Lehi" and "Mother Sariah" awards, recognizing those who have pioneered and expanded exploration of the Book of Mormon. While the exact geographical setting for the Book of Mormon is still an open question, Dr. Allen was one of the pioneers in researching and publishing on the possible settings beginning with his dissertation on the legendary white god, Quetzalcoatl in 1970.  In this rebroadcast of an audio interview recorded several years ago, Dr. Allen talks about why he became interested in the subject and how a knowledge of Book of Mormon culture and place as drawn from the scripture itself can bless us spiritually. That's this week on The Cricket and Seagull.