ATP02 - Stuart Bevan, Credit Suisse

The Algorithmic Trading Podcast show

Summary: Stuart Bevan, Credit Suisse Welcome to episode two of The Algorithmic Trading Podcast, brought to you by Voices in Business and sponsored by Sybase. Today, we feature Stuart Bevan, Head of Alternative Execution Products Technology at Credit Suisse, in conversation with Sinan Baskan, Senior Product Manager at Sybase and Greg Grimer of Voices in Business. Detailed show notes for this episode: 00:13 - Introduction 00:56nbsp;- Start of interview 01:02 - The impact of MiFID #38; RegNMS on data distribution 03:13 - Breakthrough technologies 04:12 - Competition from smaller niche players 05:18 - Growth in complexity 07:08 - Growth innbsp;volume of data #38; events 08:02 - Shared services #38; fragmentation of data 09:24 - Development issues #38; toolkits solutions 12:26 - USnbsp;vs Europe vs Asia 13:26 - Complex event processing 14:40 - Re-usability #38; lifecycle of customnbsp;developments 16:45 - What would be the ideal technology? 18:28 - Re-usability of data #38; anonymity 19:39 - Security issues #38; performance vs functionality 22:30 - Developer skills #38; program management 25:08 - End of interview #38; wrap-up Click here for a full transcript of this episode. We welcome all feedback, so please leave a comment here on the website, call us to leave an audio comment at +44 (0) 20 7193 1295, or send a message to Listen Now: To listen to the podcast right now, click on the player icon below.