Sexting and Blogging

The Deb Colitti Show show

Summary: Sexting is meant to be private, but we all know how that turns out. Blogging is one person's interests, views, or pictures to the masses. Both are often guilty of "too much information". This week we talk to Dr. Jeffrey T. Parsons, a sex addiction expert about sexting. Whether salacious/flirtatious words, or photographic/pornographic exhibitionism, is it commonplace and the new normal? When does it become an illness: compulsive, addictive, self destructive behavior? From successful journalist to stay at home mom, blogger and author Amy Sprenger has a brand new book. ‘Baby Bumps’ is a fresh, funny and poignant look at high-risk pregnancy, from the end of a bed. A WebBlog Award Finalist, Amy’s daily blog, finds the humor in parenting, which saved her sanity and is great comic relief for parents worldwide. The DEB COLITTI Show - Sexting & Blogging 7-21-12 by debcolitti