Joe Spellman of Justin Wine in Paso Robles Talks About Judging Wi

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Summary: Joe’s wine career began in 1979 as a sommelier in Chicago’s top restaurant cellars including Charlie Trotter’s. He has worked for wine wholesalers, retailers, and a prominent Napa winery. Joe is the “JUST” the second American to achieve the coveted title “Best Sommelier in the World in French Wines and Spirits” awarded in Paris in 1997. In 1998 Joe was named Bon Appetit Wine & Sprits Professional of the Year. He is a leading wine educator, writer, and consultant, and he conducts wine seminars across the US, UK, Japan, and Australia. Joe is the Chairman of the selective US Court of Master Sommeliers (which has only admitted 140 people worldwide since inception!). The Court of Master Sommeliers encourages improved standards of beverage knowledge and service amongst professionals and others seeking to improve their knowledge and enjoyment of wines. The Court's charter is to further wine education worldwide. Joe is a frequent panelist at top wine events nationwide including Aspen, New York, New Orleans, Chicago, Disney Properties, and Pebble Beach. He is a member of numerous professional tasting panels including the Beverage Testing Institute, United Airlines and the Grand Jury Européen.