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Lou Reads the Internet for YOU! show

Summary: <br> First off, I would like to apologize to this forum for just straight mutilating the name of the forum for the 1st million times I said its name. The name of this forum is <a title="ORGASMANIC not what I said..." href="http://orgasmanic.com" target="_blank">Orgasmanic</a> not Orgasm Maniac or Orgasmania or whatever other retarded ways I pronounced it. I mean, I think you’d have to agree that my mistakes are probably better names for the forum but who knows. Maybe those names were taken. If they aren’t then you should probably go and register them and start your own masturbation forum.<br> I hope you enjoyed this episode. Sure, its no Fetlife but really, what is… I know its not the grossest but I actually enjoyed how not over-the-top gross Orgasmanic was compared to some of the horrible stuff I’ve read. Not to say that the topics aren’t gross or dumb at times. Its always amazing to see like minded people gleefully sharing their stories that in “polite society” would have people covering their ears in disgust. But then again there you are having it read straight into your ears! I guess thats says a lot about you!!! … and me… *Sob*<br> Anyway, I hope enjoy this episode. Hopefully next time I’ll have a lot less technical problems!<br> <a href="http://www.adameve.com/landing.aspx?sc=LOUBNR&amp;oc=ginsu2" target="_blank"></a><br> <br>