Asking Deeper Questions

Self Improvement Daily show

Summary: <p>The three ways to initiate deeper conversations is by asking about values, beliefs, and experiences. </p> <p><strong>New to the podcast? </strong><em>Check out some of the most popular episodes from the past that collectively serve as the</em><a href=""><em> ⁠</em>7 Fundamentals To Self Improvement<em>⁠</em></a>. I bet you’ll be surprised to learn what they are…</p> <p><br><strong>Liking the short, simple, straightforward approach to the podcast?</strong><a href=""><em>⁠⁠</em></a><em> You’ll love this! Get the one, most intentional, most impactful highlight sentence that captures the biggest idea from each podcast episode sent directly to your email inbox! Plus, you’ll never miss out on that one idea you’ve been needing to hear!  </em><a href=""><em>⁠</em><strong>Subscribe to the Supercharged Sentence!</strong></a><br></p>