Radio Free Cybertron 835 – Brian will buy it and hate himself for it

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Summary: This week Buzzworthy Bumblebee is going to break us. Also, more 2024 toy listings leaked. Speculation abounds.<br> <br> <br> <br> News<br> <br> Breaking Leaks from JTPrime: Legacy Universe Deluxe Cybertron Hot Shot, Rock 3, Strongarm PR, Leader Soundwave; Studio Series Core Class Age of Extinction Steeljaw, 86 Leader Springer <br> Licensing Expo 2023. Casey Collins, Hasbro President of Licensed Consumer Products spoke<br> <br> We will start by celebrating the landmark 40th anniversary of Transformers by providing our licensees with 3D files of the original G1 toys for the first time ever. With this, our partners will be able to reissue original licensed products and reimagined innovations leveraging the authentic vintage artwork from the G1 toy line and Marvel comics. Pulling it all together, we’re digitally releasing the ‘80s animated TV series soundtrack with an exciting bonus track that taps into nostalgia and re-creates the excitement, tone, and pop culture moments of 1984.<br> <br> <br> <a href="">Skybound and Image Comics get Transformers and GI Joe licenses</a> <br> <br> First appearance of Transformers and GI Joe in Void Rivals #1, out today.<br> <a href="">Transformers #1 in October</a>, written and drawn by Daniel Warren Johnson<br> GI Joe books to launch in December and January, both written by Joshua Williamson, drawn by Tom Reilly and Andrea Milana<br> <br> <br> Buzzworthy Tuesday: (<a href="">pictures mirrored at Autobase Aichi</a>)<br> <br> Troop Builder 4 pack of Quintesson Trooper, G2 Cybertronian Trooper, Decepticon Seeker, and Animated Universe Autotrooper<br> SS86 Ironhide and Prowl Shuttle Ambush 2 pack<br> Reissue Studio Series 07 Leader Grimlock<br> <br> <br> Tokyo Toy Show news:<br> <br> <a href="">TakaraTomy previews BWVS 05 Rattrap vs Terrorsaur</a> (twitter)<br> No pictures, but TakaraTomy teased Rhinox as next Beast Wars Masterpiece<br> Similarly without pictures, teaser for a “new combination” for MPG line, currently suspected to perhaps be Diaclone Raiden based on a displayed silhouette<br> <br> <br> <a href="">First leak of Legacy G2 Dead End</a><br> <a href="">More in hand photos of Legacy Shadowstriker</a> (mirrored on Autobase Aichi)<br> <a href="">Super 7 Shows Off Super Shogun G1 Megatron on instagram</a><br> <a href="">French retailer site gives first look at Retro Perceptor Box Art</a><br> The game tie ins keep coming: <a href="">Transformers x Rocket League</a> featuring Bumblebee inspired car and other elements for purchase<br> The single most expensive licensed Transformers merchandise ever? <a href="">Kross Studio Rise of The Beasts Collector Set</a><br>