Ghost Mission "Deep Descent": The Deep Sea Rescue of Key Alien Prisoners

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Summary: <b>Ghost Mission "Deep Descent": The Deep Sea Rescue of Key Alien Prisoners</b><br><b> </b><br>The Ghost and Team take a job and are sent on a top-secret mission to the bottom of the ocean, where they must rescue alien prisoners in a time-sensitive mission. Armed with cutting-edge technology and protected by advanced energy fields, the team descends into the deep depths but when they encounter a hostile sea creature, their mission takes a perilous turn. With time running out and their resources limited, the team must use all their skills and ingenuity to overcome the dangers of the deep and complete their mission. Time is running out for the prisoners, their power source, and the two vessels that need to make it to the surface.<br><br><b>The Dark Web Vlogs l They Call Me The Ghost</b>