Mindjacked: Big Tech Takeover, Executive Corruption, and Mass Mind Control

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Summary: <b>Mindjacked: Big Tech Takeover, Executive Corruption, and Mass Mind Control</b><br><br>When a small tech start-up creates a breakthrough in virtual reality, their young CEO Ethan becomes obsessed with manipulating the mind. Using the ancient theory of the Four Humors, Ethan believes he can reprogram the brain to align with his twisted worldview. He takes his mission to an underground chamber filled with mysteries, but when The Ghost and a team of skilled operatives infiltrate the chamber, they discover the horrifying truth behind Ethan's grand plan. With time running out, they must stop him before he unleashes his mind control on the world. Will they succeed, or will the Four Humors conspiracy change the course of humanity forever?<br><br>The Dark Web Vlogs I They Call Me The Ghost