By The Hair of the Artichoke

Having A Night show

Summary: Did you spent the week blissfully biting into the metaphorical heart of the artichoke or chewing on a fibrous outer leaf? The answer is probably: both. Artichokes take center stage in this episode until they are rudely booted off in favor of raw, off-the-rails topic: THE VEGGIE SANDWICH. And boy does this episode get heated! Chevre proves more divisive than anticipated, but the gloves really come off when it comes to the Italian hero. We live by one credo, and one credo only: THOU SHALT NOT LET IT BE AN ANTIPASTI ACID FEST. If you've ever gotten down with hummus spread thin on toasted seeded bread, danced with a pickled shallot on Sourdough, or divined your future in an herbaceous aioli, look no further than this earthy ep. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit