Radio Free Cybertron 831 – Sub-Deluxe

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Summary: This week: We really want the new movie and associate toy lines to succeed. Sincerely. Also, another transformer Tuesday live stream, another bunch of toys to pre-order.<br> <br> <br> <br> News<br> <br> Transformers Tuesday: <br> <br> <a href="">Senator Shockwave and Orion Pax 2 pack</a>, and <a href="">Senator Ratbat and Miner Megatron 2 pack</a><br> <a href="">Behind the Scenes with extra photos</a><br> JTPrime also confirmed the Leader figure in this subline is Nova Prime retooled from Siege Galaxy Upgrade Optimus Prime<br> First Look at Studio Series 86 Brawn, Gamer Edition Cliffjumper, first official looks at Gamer Edition Megatron and ROTB Rhinox (<a href="">screencaps at TFW, including pipeline placeholders</a>)<br> Pipeline: Legacy Core Class Snarl, Deluxes Bombshell, RID Strongarm, Detritus, Cyberverse Shadowstriker, Voyagers Bludgeon and Trashmaster<br> The Robosen segment was just talking about the shrunk down Optimus Prime<br> <br> <br> <a href="">Hasbro’s Q1 Earnings Report is worse than we thought</a> (breakdown at jeditemplearchives)<br> <br> Net revenues down by almost 15% compared to Q1 2022 ($1 billion vs 1.16)<br> Operating profit down by 85% ($17.9 million versus 120 million last year)<br> They took a $22.1 million loss versus a profit of 61.2 million Q1 2022<br> Parter Brand revenue down 36% ($132.7 million vs 206.5 million)<br> <br> <br> Saudi Entertainment Ventures partners with Hasbro to produce Transformers theme attractions, three currently planned with more to follow<br> <a href="">Movie Ticket Exclusive Studio Series Nemesis Prime and Kingdom Burning Optimus Primal</a><br> <a href="">In Hand Photos of Nemesis Leo Prime</a> (posted to HKTF Facebook, mirrored roundup at Autobase Aichi)<br> <a href="">In Hand Photos of Legacy Beachcomber from Pixelmaster</a> (TFW board)<br> <a href="">In Hand Photos of ROTB Mainline Deluxe Mirage</a> (Hunter Casey on facebook)<br> Official “Pet Vision” filters added on Snapchat and Tiktok (<a href=";s=19">video in tweet</a>)<br> Found the next third party toy Brian will have to buy: <a href="">Dr Wu Grand Galvatron</a><br> <a href="">Newage pokes a different bear with apparently Lego-style Autobot Headquarters building kit concept</a> (TFW)<br> <a href="">If you’re in Singapore and you like KFC, there’s a ROTB cross promotion menu coming you way</a><br>