Radio Free Cybertron 832 – We talk about pictures of toys in boxes

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Summary: This week: Watch out, Robosen. There are some new animatronic Transformers coming your way.<br> <br> <br> <br> News<br> <br> <a href="">First Look at G2 Toxitron Collection Mirage</a> <br> <a href="">In Hand Photos of Shattered Glass Hot Rod</a> <br> <a href="">First Images of Beast Wars ReAction Figures</a> <br> <a href="">Earthspark Warrior Class stock photos: Jawbreaker, Starscream, and Megatron</a> <br> <a href="">First Look at Earthspark Deluxe Nightshade via box stock photo</a><br> <a href="">In Hand Images of Legacy Armada Megatron</a><br> TFW Covers Hasbro during 51st Annual J.P. Morgan Global Technology, Media, And Communications Conference<br> <br> Chris Cocks expressed confidence in Transformers, observing that in a down year, it’s actually up by 9 percent leading in to the release of the movie<br> Regarding Mattel licensing agreement: It makes sense to be able to leverage [Mattel’s] IP, makes “a ton of sense” to be able to find Optimus Prime in Hot Wheels.<br> <br> <br> <a href="">Retro G1 Thundercracker hitting Walmart shelves</a><br> ROTB<br> <br> <a href="">“Animatronic” Optimus Primal First Look</a> <br> Look out, Robosen! <a href="">ROTB Auto-Transforming RC Optimus and Bumblebee (In China)</a> <br> <a href="">Eat Popcorn Directly from Optimus Prime’s Hollowed-Out Head</a><br> <a href=";set=a.726485458983686">Dadi Cinema Malaysia Has ROTB Cups with Topper Figurines</a><br> It’s no Valvotron: <a href="">Monro Auto Service Centers offers poster, cross-branded service packages, and photo ops with character displays</a><br> <br> <br>