One way to please God - 1 Thessalonians 2:1-4

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Summary: The human desire to please others is seemingly innate. One time when I was working in surgery, a new surgeon called in an old experienced surgeon who trained him to evaluate a difficult portion of a surgery. The old surgeon came into the room, and the young surgeon explained the situation and why he had asked him to come in and look. After the old surgeon left the room, the young surgeon asked the following question to his assistant, “Do you think that he was happy with the work that I did and the decisions I made for this operation?” He wanted to know if the old trainer was pleased with the work of his trainee. He ultimately wanted to please his esteemed mentor who had approved him to become a surgeon. You have likely experienced pleasing or wanting to please someone in your life. My question to you is, “Do you desire to please God?” If you believe in Jesus and have been forgiven of your sinfulness, then you should have a driving desire to please God with your life of second chance. If you desire to please God, then you will want to listen to today’s episode titled, “One way to please God.” Follow us on Social Media! Facebook - Red Word Exchange Podcast Instagram - redwordexchange Twitter - @redwordexchange   Listen to more episodes! Apple Podcasts Castos Spotify   Contact us!