Episode 95- Kerry Finsand: The ‘Solopreneur’ and mind behind the Successfully Depressed Podcast

Rik's Mind Podcast show

Summary: Today we are joined by Kerry Finsand. Kerry is a mental health advocate and ‘solopreneur’ based in Portland, Oregon. He has spent over a decade in sales and marketing roles in the hospitality and technology industries working with small businesses to large companies like Whole Foods, Buffalo Wild Wings and Groupon. When his craft beer centric start-up Taplister was accepted into a technology incubator he decided to quit his day job and go for it with his company which was eventually acquired. Along the way he experienced many ups and downs while dealing with depression and anxiety. The work he put into the business and himself ultimately helped him get through those challenging times. Now Mr. Finsand has decided to put his experience of being an entrepreneur dealing with mental health challenges into a Podcast and Youtube channel (Successfully Depressed) that has the end goal of helping others like him. You can find more about Kerry and his show on his official website kerryfinsand.com Show Notes: Kerry Finsand | Official Website Successfully Depressed | Google Podcasts City Search | Official Website Ward Cunningham | Wikipedia Taplister to Continue On | Brewpublic Oregon Brewers Festival | Official Website