Episode 100 Celebration w Nick Ramos: Sustainable Dildos and Whitewashing MLK

Rik's Mind Podcast show

Summary: It’s the big 100!! To celebrate our milestone, we brought back one of our favorite guests Nick Ramos of the History of the Cuban Revolution Podcast. In classic fireside chat fashion, no topics are off limits. Conspiracy theories, sustainable dildos, the whitewashing of MLK and MORE! We’re so excited we’ve made it to triple digits. We couldn’t have done it with you, our listeners who keep coming back for more. We have lots of incredible shows coming up and we can’t wait for hundreds more episodes! Time to get weird! Show Notes: Flex Seal® Liquid Commercial with Airboat (Full) | Flex Seal® The Forgotten Socialist History of Martin Luther King Jr. | In These Times Black Power Scholar Illustrates How MLK And Malcolm X Influenced Each Other | NPR What was the Weather Underground? | The Hill Researching Japanese War Crimes Records by Nazi War Crimes and Japanese Imperial Government Records Interagency Working Group | US National Archives