Sander Mak on Streamlining Large-Scale Java Development

Duke's Corner show

Summary: JavaOne 2022 Speaker Preview In this conversation Oracle's Jim Grisanzio talks with JavaOne 2022 speaker Sander Mak from The Netherlands. Sander is a Java Champion, an author, and an engineer at Picnic. In this conversation he previews his upcoming session at JavaOne — Streamlining Large-Scale Java Development Using Error Prone. He also talks about the Java community and his experiences becoming a developer.  JavaOne 2022 October 17-20 in Las Vegas JavaOne 2022: Registration and Sessions JavaOne 2022: News Updates at Inside Java Sander Mak, Java Champion, Author, Developer at Picnic  @sander_mak Java Development and Community OpenJDK Inside Java Dev.Java @java on Twitter Java on YouTube Duke's Corner Podcast Host Jim Grisanzio, Oracle Java Developer Relations, @jimgris