What if We Paid Teachers With Money?

Voice of San Diego Podcast show

Summary: San Diego Unified leaders announced they would offer $10,000 dollar signing bonuses for new special education teachers and nurses. This is a new effort by the district to combat a massive labor shortage happening right now. It may seem totally logical: The district has a lot of COVID relief money and needs more staff. But the move also signals a significant shift in policy from unions and union-backed leaders. Pay incentives of any kind, for years, have been totally taboo. This week, we discuss teacher pay and how it could impact schools. Plus: Andy's got the emails that led up to a big housing development decision. And the 101 Ash St. settlement that never was. See all our school stories at vosd.org/education Get the newsletter for this podcast at vosd.org/pod See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.