#199: Turning Agnostic

Sacred Symbols: A PlayStation Podcast show

Summary: Where is Kratos? Belief that we'd see God of War: Ragnarok by now has left us dismayed, particularly in light of a rather odd video from Santa Monica Studio that gives us little information about a game originally slated to launch in 2021. But without a release date (outside of year) and no confirmation it's even incoming by year's end (except for from a random Tweet from a dev), PlayStation fans are left wondering if their faith in getting something timely from Santa Monica Studio was ill-founded. Other news this week includes the return of Amy Hennig to the Star Wars universe, endless rumors about a new Uncharted game and The Last of Us' remake, the arrival of the NFL on PSVR, the increasing perils of in-game advertising, and more. We wrap up with listener questions galore, as usual, including inquiries on what Netflix's fall in fortune means for gaming subscription services, circumventing old-school punishment with save states, the bad design around level caps, and so much more. Would we do it with an alien? We talk about that, too. Enjoy! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices