JIS: Harden, The Moron Weatherman, AJ Hinch

The Josh Innes Show show

Summary: Josh Innes and Jilly open the show listening to the Talk Back Line. <br><br>One caller is pleased with James Harden. Of course, Josh points out that McDougall is a fraud. That said, Josh is actually a lot nicer than he once was. Perhaps he's going soft. <br><br>Josh unloads on Steve Kerr, Draymond Green and some dumbass Memphis TV Weatherman. The Weatherman called Draymond Green a "Knuckle Dragger". Josh is baffled as to how anyone, in 2022, would put that in the Twitterverse. Josh thinks he should be fired for being an imbecile. <br><br>Steve Kerr is not shocked by these comments because "This is America". Josh ethers Kerr. <br><br>This leads Josh to discuss how he's petrified to Tweet anything. This makes him feel like a coward. But, it's smart business. <br><br>Should a two armed woman be able to beat up a one armed man? <br><br>Josh feels this weekends Astros/Tigers series shows that managers truly don't matter.