Episode 239: Sherlock Holmes in Comics

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Summary: “this comic interlude” [3GAB]   Sherlock Holmes has appeared in comic strips for nearly a century and in comic books for almost as long. And the comics industry is a multi-billion dollar enterprise, having spawned movies, television shows, and large-scale conventions. So isn't it time that someone chronicled Sherlock Holmes's appearance in comics? Johanna Draper Carlson has done just that with her new site Sherlock Holmes in Comics. We chat with her about her early Sherlock Holmes influence (a surprisingly advanced one for a beginner), her work experience with DC Comics, her legacy in writing about comics for the last quarter century, and more. The Canonical Couplet follows the interview: we give you two lines of poetry, and you need to identify which Sherlock Holmes story they represent. The winner will receive an old Sherlock Holmes comic book. Send your answer to comment @ ihearofsherlock .com by May 14, 2022 at 11:59 a.m. EST. The winner will be chosen at random from among all the correct answers. All listeners are eligible to play. BONUS: We have a bonus clip available for our Patreon supporters. Become a Patron! Please do consider becoming a Patron of the Arts. Your support helps us to ensure we can keep doing what we do, covering file hosting costs, production, and transcription services.  Download [Save As] | File size 84.3 MB, 1:1:25 Listen to I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere anywhere SponsorsWessex Press is the premier publisher of books about Sherlock Holmes and Arthur Conan Doyle, including The Sherlock Holmes Review.MX Publishing has a number of graphic novels available for sale. Would you care to advertise with us? You can find more information here. Let's chat! LinksThis episode: ihose.co/ihose239Sherlock Holmes in Comics Comics Worth ReadingThe Gorgeous Typeface that Drove Men Mad and Sparked a 100-Year MysteryJohanna Draper Carlson on Twitter: @johannadcOther episodes mentioned:Episode 44: Watson and HolmesEpisode 163: 221B ConEpisode 237: A Celebration of Sherlock HolmesMany more links, articles and images are available in our Flipboard magazine at ihose.co/flipsherlock as well as through our accounts on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. And would you consider leaving us a rating and review? It would help other Sherlockians to find us. Your thoughts on the show? Leave a comment below, send us an email (comment AT ihearofsherlock DOT com), call us at 5-1895-221B-5. That's (518) 952-2125. TranscriptWe are so grateful for your support on Patreon, which makes our transcripts possible. Every amount helps. A transcript will be here soon. Become a Patron! --