High School Scandals part 2

Wrong Term Memory show

Summary: Read these scandals amongst others on https://bit.ly/Scandal_School (Scandalous School Memories). And, a big shout out to the people that use https://open.spotify.com/show/46iYE0yXSjXr7IVemFFW2M (Spotify) and have left a rating. Much appreciated. Jack and Colin have decided to leave the best type of scandal until the last in this four-part series all about scandals. The high school scandal is the god tier of all scandals and thanks to the listeners, we have a full show of amazing stuff that may, or may not, have happened at your schools. Support Wrong Term Memory on https://bit.ly/WTMpatreon (Patreon) https://bit.ly/WTMpies (Pie Sports) have the best pies in Glasgow - order some to your door today An original production from https://quitethethingmedia.com/glasgower/ (Glasgower) Produced by Jack Shaw and Colin McMillan Our executive producers are Mark Brown, Robert McMillan, Sandy Maclarty, Stewart Glass , Andy Sladen and Lee Ruthven Email: hello@wrongtermmemory.com