The Scratch Cast - The Alternative Music Podcast - Episode 20: “Smell Ya Later”

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Summary: The Scratch Cast - The Alternative Music Podcast - Episode 20 “Smell Ya Later” 18th March 2022 Perhaps we’re pushing it calling this a monthly podcast now, but after what feels like ages (time for Snedds to watch all five seasons of The Wire), Episode 20 of The Scratch Cast - The Alternative Music Podcast is finally here. Grant and Snedds discuss their drunken experience of Kneecap live at The Barrowlands Ballroom, Snedds reviews the Foo Fighters’ new slasher comedy Studio 666 and it’s back to business (after the submission special) as we see the return of the metaphysical pinboard and the rest of our usual segments. On our singles swap this month we review “Working All The Time” by experimental hip-hop, r & b and pop artist Xenia Rubinos and “I Know I’m Not Easy To Like” by indie pop-rockers Pip Blom. On the next episode, we’ll be discussing “Everything Is Going To Be Alright” by Princess Chelsea and “Circles” by Basement Revolver. On submission corner, we review the eponymous debut album from Austrian Post/Indie/Punk outfit Jeanny and discuss the singles Hate Mail and False Faces from Edinburgh's outspoken funk-punk band Radio Fury. And finally on our album reviews we discuss “Animorphs” the sixth album from Norwegian hardcore/indie-punk outfit Honningnbarna and “The Lightness Of The Dread” from East Kilbride singer-songwriter Michael Timmons. Check out the episode below or via any of the links at the bottom of the page. Sit back, relax and listen to Episode 20: ”Smell Ya Later”. If you want to support the show, you can buy us a coffee here: If you’re wondering what our review scores relate to, check out our rating system below: 1/10 - Destroy without listening 2/10 - Rancid bin juice (bathe afterwards) 3/10 - Hot garbage (avoid) 4/10 - Meh (not worth going back to) 5/10 - Forgettable (one or two good songs) 6/10 - Just OK (for fans of the genre) 7/10 - Good (quite like it) 8/10 - Very good (must listen) 9/10 - Exceptional (absolutely love it) 10/10 - Practically flawless (unmissable) Don’t forget to subscribe to The Scratch Cast on your favourite streaming/podcast service so you never miss an episode. Please leave a nice review :) Spotify: Apple Podcasts: Google Podcasts: YouTube: Deezer: Castbox: TuneIn Radio: & more: All music clips are used as a teaser only and remain the property of the respective artists. Peace.