Fun: Ton or Fun: None?

Having A Night show

Summary: After a long, unannounced hiatus, the girls are now COVID-free and ready to dive into the Bachelor/Bachelorette Party, which has recently swelled from simple "party" into the bachelor/bachelorette three-day-weekend. It's hard to say exactly when this shift occurred, but it was probably around the same time as the emergence of the welcomed-by-some, dreaded-by-most Four Day Wedding Weekend. The Stag-do/Hen-do can be an opportunity for a bacchanal (THE PURGE, but sexy?) or an opportunity to spend QT with the pals you loved most. Sophie and Ari are on opposite sides here, but the one thing they agree on? For the love of god, you DON'T have to mix friend groups -- if they haven't become close since first meeting, it's probably because they don't like each other very much. SAHRRY FOR BURSTIN UR BUBBLE, PALS! Ok that's all -- listen and love and like and subscribe. XOXO! The HAN girls. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit