The Weird Friend

Our Friendly World with Fawn and Matt show

Summary: Weird is not what you think it is. The word "weird" is normally defined as strange peculiar disturbingly, different, or odd, right? No, this is not what this is.  This episode is about the real meaning of "weird" and the power to control destiny, and the people that are our destiny and what becomes a magical fate.We get into history and mythology and discuss "Weird Sisters", The NORNS, the three fates, the goddesses who controlled human destiny.Who is in your life? who are these people? And are they an external force? Are they an internal force? Are they people that you meet along the way? Are they your friends? How does, how is your fate tied up in friendship? How does destiny work in this realm? The Weird Friend - TRANSCRIPT [00:00:00] Fawn: hello. Hi everybody. Welcome. Welcome, welcome. And hello. Once again, the weird friend today's topic, the weird friend. Now don't freak out. I'm not disrespecting anybody, we're looking at the word weird and looking at the weird friends in our lives. Now it's not what you think. We're going to look at the adjective and at the etymology of weird Weird is not what you think it is. Or maybe you do strange peculiar disturbingly, different odd, right? No, this is not what this is. What you're looking for, this is not the droids. What are, what is it I'm looking [00:00:51] Matt: for? Yeah, this is not your father's. [00:00:56] Fawn: So the adjective comes from late middle English it [00:01:00] originally meant having the power to control destiny. Then it became this, an earthy thing. It was a late millet. I can't talk today, late middle English originally meant having the power to control destiny. And it was used, especially in the " Weird Sisters" originally referring, to the fates later, the witches in shakespeare's Macbeth. [00:01:27] Matt: And I think , that, that highlights just the Bard because there can only be one. And he's the guy, his, casting a shadow over overall, because he is regarded as the greatest fiction author of all time. [00:01:42] Fawn: You mean Shakespeare or what I say? Well, he just said he, or Lord, or Lord Byron, whoever, whatever your belief is. There are lots of people that believe it wasn't actually Shakespeare, but it was Byron [00:01:54]