The Scratch Cast Podcast - Episode 18: "Spoiling the Sopranos"

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Summary: The Scratch Cast - The Alternative Music Podcast - Episode 18 “Spoiling the Sopranos” 8th October 2021 On this episode of The Scratch Cast Podcast, we have difficulty pronouncing the word “alchemical”, spoil the end of the Sopranos (SPOILER ALERT) and forget famous actors’ names from The Irishman. Generally, we just talk a lot of nonsense, intertwined with reviews of new music. On our singles swap this month we review “Good 4 U” by Olivia Rodrigo (not Olivio Rodriguez!) and “Do You Mind?” by Orla Gartland. On the next episode, we’ll be discussing “Violet” by The Zebecks ” and “Paranoia Party” by Frances Forever. On “submission corner” we’ve got more Scottish Hip-Hop with “K.O.T.H.” from West Lothian emcee Barz Fury. If you’ve got something you want us to hear then make sure you hit us up via the contact page, on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or via email at We also review three more albums including “Megabear” the experimental 52-track non-linear album from bedroom-pop quartet “ME REX”, the instrumental, experimental jazz odyssey that is “Tri Magi” from The Lasso, Jordan Hamilton and The Saxsquatch and finally the dystopian electronic hip hop concept album “Music for Hypercapitalists” from Post Coal Prom Queen and friends. Sit back, relax and listen as we commence ”Spoiling the Sopranos”. If you want to support the show, you can buy us a coffee here: If you’re wondering what our review scores relate to, check out our rating system below: 1/10 - Destroy without listening 2/10 - Rancid bin juice (bathe afterwards) 3/10 - Hot garbage (avoid) 4/10 - Meh (not worth going back to) 5/10 - Forgettable (one or two good songs) 6/10 - Just OK (for fans of the genre) 7/10 - Good (quite like it) 8/10 - Very good (must listen) 9/10 - Exceptional (absolutely love it) 10/10 - Practically flawless (unmissable) Don’t forget to subscribe to The Scratch Cast on your favourite streaming/podcast service so you never miss an episode. Please leave a nice review :) Spotify: Apple Podcasts: Google Podcasts: YouTube: Deezer: Castbox: TuneIn Radio: & more: All music clips are used as a teaser only and remain the property of the respective artists. Peace.