JIS: Urban Meyer, Popcorn and Correa

The Josh Innes Show show

Summary: Josh Innes and Jilly open the show discussing whether or not Sean Payton are actually good coaches or if they were made by great QB's. Josh loses his mind over this. <br><br>Urban Meyer has no apologized for shoving his hand up some gals ass. Is he doing all this to get fired from Jacksonville? Jilly thinks so. <br><br>Vic Fangio whines about the Ravens trying to keep their 100 yard game streak alive. Josh thinks he's a doof. <br><br>Josh still loves Lane Kiffin and gives him credit for his "Get Your Popcorn Ready" statement. Josh also loves the Alabama mascot wearing a popcorn costume. <br><br>Is Correa done with the Astros? <br><br>Josh thinks Correa is doing all this to make himself less of a villain when he leaves.