What's Wrong with Wolfie Discusses | 90s Kids TV

What’s Wrong With Wolfie? show

Summary: Gunge, gunge oh and more gunge kept appearing in this special episode all on our favourite kids tv shows of the 90s. We all brought three shows each to chat about and one included a name I thought I would never type cough Spongebob cough Deep breath....Knightmare, Spatz, Batman: The animated series, Funhouse, Eerie Indiana, Reboot, Saturday morning tv, Bucky O Hare and Spongebob all feature in this extravaganza of quality TV from back in the day! Thank you for listening, we really appreciate it, and if you did or didn't enjoy this episode then please let us know by giving us a review and subscribe on your podcasting service or get in touch with us on twitter @Wolfiepod or email us at thewolfiepod@gmail.com You can also find us individually on twitter at: Jason     Rich     Chris