Is Joe Biden's COVID executive order constitutional? We discussed that with law maker Tim Rudd, from Tennessee. We also discuss why people want to be vaccinated as well as not vaccinated, in addition we discuss how accurate the current COVID tests are.

Radio Disclosure show

Summary: <p style="margin-bottom:11px;text-align:center;">Radio Disclosure asks law maker Tim Rudd, from Tennessee District 34, "How constitutional Joe Biden's presidential executive order?" This is the order to mandate vaccinations and COVID tests. In addition, we go over some of the listener responses on why they are not currently vaccinated and why some are. We also discuss with Doctor Melba Ketchum, on the accuracy of the current COVID tests. </p> <p style="margin-bottom:11px;text-align:center;">show notes and links</p> <p style="margin-bottom:11px;text-align:center;"><a href="" target="_blank"></a></p> <p style="margin-bottom:11px;text-align:center;"><a href="" target="_blank">West Virginia Gov. Justice's Monday, August 23, 2021 COVID-19 briefing</a></p> <p style="margin-bottom:11px;text-align:center;"><a href="" target="_blank">U.S. Food and Drug Administration Drug Approval Process</a></p> <p style="margin-bottom:11px;text-align:center;"><a href="" target="_blank">FDA holds briefing after granting Pfizer-BioNTech’s Covid vaccine full approval — 8/23/2021Peater Marks @ FDA</a></p> <p style="margin-bottom:11px;text-align:center;"><a href="" target="_blank">COVID-19 mRNA vaccination leading to CNS inflammation: a case series</a></p> <p style="margin-bottom:11px;text-align:center;"> </p> <p style="margin-bottom:11px;text-align:center;"> </p> <p style="text-align:center;"> </p>