Carey Mulligan Movies: Promising Young Woman & Shame #88

Twin Picks Podcast show

Summary: <p>This week we talk about the two Carey Mulligan movies we chose in the last podcast. Plus, we discuss Bon Jovi. So, lay down on your Bed of Roses or go out in a Blaze of Glory and listen to our Carey Mulligan podcast… right now</p> <p>Section 1 - Anything Goes</p> <p>Nicole watched the first 5 episodes of Nine Perfect Strangers and Modern Love season 2. Dan watched Young Guns 2 and the Temple of the Doom. Plus, we talk about the first 4 episodes of Marvel’s What If…? animated show currently streaming on Disney Plus.</p> <p>Section 2 – Carey Mulligan Movies: Shame &amp; Promising Young Woman </p> <p>00:22:01 As Carey Mulligan Movies was Nicole’s choice of theme for the podcast, she has prepared this week’s topic introduction.</p> <p>00:26:10 Shame movie review.</p> <p>00:35:00 Promising Young Woman movie review</p> <p>Section 3 – Stitch-Up</p> <p>00:51:40 Something a tad different this week for the last section. Dan comments on Harry &amp; Meghan: A Royal Romance.</p> <p>01:01:00 Next, we find out if Dan will be watching The Hidden Hand: Alien Contact &amp; the Government Cover-Up or Nicole will be watching Captain America (1990) for the next stitch-up review in episode 90.</p> <p>To vote on the stitch-up polls follow the show on <a href="">Instagram @twinpickspod</a> and keep an eye out for stories.</p> <p>Catch up with Dan on <a href="">Instagram @Flick.Face</a></p> <p>Nicole on <a href="">Instagram @nikacreativ</a></p> <p>Email the show at <a href=""></a></p> <p>FREE WAYS TO SUPPORT US</p> <p>Do you listen regularly? Would you support us if it didn’t cost you anything? Here are the options:</p> <p>Do you use Amazon? We recently covered <a href=";camp=1634&amp;creative=6738&amp;creativeASIN=B00HW2J7YY&amp;linkCode=as2&amp;tag=twinpickspod-21&amp;linkId=7f7b78b7e4cfa0596219a611ab8b98fd">The Kings of Summer</a> and if you click the link and buy the film, or maybe you’ll buy something else… I don’t know. Maybe we’ll get a little tiny bonus from your purchase which doesn’t cost you a thing.</p> <p>Another way to support us is to just share our show with your friends, family or anyone else you think might enjoy Twin Picks.</p> <p>Or you can subscribe through your podcast player of choice and leave a review on:</p> <p><a href="">Spotify</a> | <a href="">YouTube</a> | <a href="">Apple Podcasts</a> | <a href=";ved=0CAMQ4aUDahcKEwiwr7eVoZzwAhUAAAAAHQAAAAAQAg&amp;hl=en-GB">Google Podcasts</a> | <a href="">Podbean</a> | <a href="">Listen Notes</a> | <a href="">Podbay</a></p> <p>If you have some spare currency knocking around and would like to support us with our coffee needs, you can buy us a cup on <a href=""></a> We’ll shout out any human that buys us a coffee.</p> <p>Spoiler warnings for Shame, Promising Young Woman &amp; the other one.</p> <p>Don’t let your kids listen to this.</p>