The Yard Stick – How we measure up and what is the measure of a human?

Our Friendly World with Fawn and Matt show

Summary: Hall of fame quote from this episode - Matt: Everybody has like one yard stick and that's a big problem because it allows us to measure everyone against this one yard stick. Fawn talks about Ancient Greece, Sparta, and the similarities to the government style of rule in the United States, in a way, asking if we are treated as the same way these ancient governments treated people in their society. How can we have equilibrium? How does currency and war factor in the society? What is the price for a country like the United States (a country that has always been at war of some kind)? What kind of society has that created? What kind of feelings is now embedded within our bodies and our spirit from the generational violence that we don’t fully understand we take part in (that we have been part of)? We also talk about how we measure time. Why is it that time seems to stand still sometimes? Why do we settle for situations that are not life affirming? Can you distinguish between your true desire, and desiring something out of envy? Why does it seem like we always want more? Fawn has an answer. When can we throw out and get rid of the yard stick? Matt has the answer. Matt: “Let the world surprise you.” At the end of the episode (around min 58), Fawn has a very cool share that may help those of you frustrated with waiting for something big in your life to happen.     TRANSCRIPT: [00:00:00] Fawn: [00:00:00] Here we go. Here we are. Here we go. Matt: [00:00:05] Good evening. Good night. Fawn: [00:00:06] Hello everybody. I just recently learned what GMT was. Cause I couldn't figure out when our show airs and I was telling everyone midnight, one minute past midnight folks! And my  friends over in Seattle, they're like, we're hearing you at 6:00 PM at dinner time is when we listen. I'm like, no, it comes out at  one minute past midnight for those of you in the UK. That's when it comes out. Good morning. Good evening. Good afternoon. Hi everybody. Matt: [00:00:33] Hello. See, I always knew what Greenwich Mean was because yeah, I had to book, I read and they said Greenwich effing Mean it was just funny. Fawn: [00:00:43] So why is everything revolving around the UK and not everything? Okay. Well, all right. Let's not Matt: [00:00:49] forget that once upon a time, the sun never set on the British empire and that was like a thing. What do you mean? Well, they had so much territory all around the world that. Anywhere, [00:01:00] like anywhere, like the sun was always up over one section of it because they own flipping everything right. From India to Australia, to South Africa to, Fawn: [00:01:11] yeah, it's funny because when I would travel all the time for photography and everywhere I went, there was a stamp from the British, like there was something they left behind, you know what I mean? And it was usually a very scary, like I kill you here. All right. Um, it was two 30 in the morning. There was an earthquake Santa Monica, and one of the biggest cockroaches started climbing up the wall. Matt: [00:01:43] Is this a Nugget of Wisdom?? Fawn: [00:01:45] Yeah, negative. And, you know, I had Herman and Harriet visit me every Saturday night when everyone else was on a date, including these cockroaches, Herman and Harriet. Matt: [00:01:55] Right. Fawn: [00:01:56] That I called Herman and Harriet. I swear every Saturday when everyone [00:02:00] else seemed like they were on a date, these two  () I already talked about this, but reminder ),these two cockroach