(126) S7E21 {Interview ~ Jacob Linzy of Tasting Anarchy} More Quakers, or Friends with Spiritual Benefits

The Fourth Way show

Summary: Following up our episodes on Benjamin Lay and an interview discussing the Quakers, we take one more episode to dive into the Quaker world in an attempt to understand what sorts of ideas and practice might help us to form characters which seek justice in the world despite the sacrifices such actions may call for. Intro - 0:00 Why do Quakers seem to have a clearer prophetic vision than other Christians? 2:15 Importance of individual action. 12:30 Hearing from God and consensus making 19:00 Importance of silence and discerning God's voice. 31:00 Do Quakers align with the early church? 41:00 How does consensus making work if you must make immediate decisions? 48:30 The importance and prominence of sacrifice among Quakers. 58:30 Jake's plugs. 77:30