Fireside Chats Issue 574: Loki Ep. 1 Review

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Summary: The time is now Firesiders…. well, and ‘was‘… or even ‘soon’ I guess… I don’t know man, time works differently in the TVA! That’s right, we are burdened with a glorious purpose and that is to review the first episode of Loki on Disney Plus! Join Mendte, Mashko, and Baby Huey as they break down the first episode of Loki. ***SPOILER ALERT*** we keep it spoiler-free at first but that goes out the window quickly. What did we think? What does the show mean for the MCU moving forward? Is it Mephisto?… it’s not. And how this changes what Endgame taught us about timelines in the MCU. so make sure you have your ticket, listen to Miss Minutes, and Welcome to Fireside!