Transplantation as a Treatment Option for Blood Cancers

Multiple Myeloma CancerCare Connect Education Workshops show

Summary: * Overview & Types of Transplantation, in the Context of COVID-19 * Transplantation as a Treatment Option for Multiple Myeloma * Leukemia * Lymphoma * Myeloproliferative Neoplasms (MPN) * MDS * Guidelines for Transplantation * Searching for a Donor * Follow-Up Care * Practical Tips to Manage Post Treatment Concerns * Graft vs. Host Disease * Clinical Trial Updates * Communicating with Your Health Care Team about Quality-of-Life Concerns * The Increasing Role of Telehealth/Telemedicine Appointments * Guidelines to Prepare for Telehealth/Telemedicine Appointments, including Technology, Prepared List of Questions & OpenNotes * Questions for Our Panel of Experts