Work/Life Balance – the Teeter Totter Principle | LAYC06

Lift As You Climb show

Summary: Balance, by definition, means status quo. It's a flat line, nothing is happening. If you think that you can succeed in moving forward and growing, evolving, living a full life, and neither one of these are moving; your professional life or your personal life; it's a fantasy! In fact, for anything to take place in this universe, there must be an exchange of energy. Things need to move, for anything to change and to happen. Let's look at it from the model of a teeter totter or seesaw - or if we want to be really scientific, we'll call it a fulcrum. One side is your professional life. The other side is your personal life. For there to be any impact or result, we must have movement on that fulcrum, on that plane. So, when you push off from your personal life to go up, to commit any energy and get results there, your professional life, in accordance with the laws of the universe, has to take a drop down. And vice versa. Good news! You can decide when and how much energy to allocated to each side.