Episode 79: Setting Yourself Up for Success

The Juke Podcast show

Summary: Hosts: Coach Staley, Coach Kurtz, & Coach English   Topic: Success   On this week's episode, the coaches are joined by Stanford Women's Basketball Assistant Coach Britany Andersen. Coach Staley and coach English start off the show with a minor Lebron James debate. Coach Andersen discusses her journey from player to college coach. They talk about the keys to setting yourself up for success. Coach Andersen says that a key is understanding that success looks different for different people. Coach Staley adds that you should be careful who you seek out for counsel.  And Coach English says that setting a goal and networking is a key to setting yourself up for success. Coach Andersen struggles to formulate her 5.  Follow us on all social media platforms: @staleyenglishkurtz Emal us: thestaleyandenglishshow@gmail.com