Hooting Yard On The Air: Horse Begone

Resonance FM: Hooting Yard On The Air show

Summary: Horse Begone - 00:00 Tadeusz Kapisko and His Ears of Wheat - 02:07 With Dobson in the Land of Nod - 07:20 Give Me a Glossary - 10:49 Nomenclature of Diminutive Persons Who Plunge Down 150-ft Cliffs and Survive With Hardly a Scratch - 17:30 Billy Parallelogram - 20:20 Metal of the Week : Tin - 23:52 .... This item belongs to: audio/hooting-yard. This item has files of the following types: Archive BitTorrent, Columbia Peaks, Item Tile, Metadata, PNG, Spectrogram, VBR MP3