Fireside Chats Issue 527: Just the Two of Us

Fireside Chats - Comic Book Podcast show

Summary: Hello hello hello and Beep you Firesiders! Welcome to the Mendte and Maurer Present Comic Related Current Events show about New News... That’s a working title. With Features and Huey nothing have issues, keeping them from making the show, A.K.A. Maurer kicked them out... It’s up to Mendte and the Barron of Beeps to keep you all in the bagged and boarded loop. **Spoiler alert for the end Three Jokers** the guys share their throughts on how it all wrapped up. Why does Green Lantern look like Jack Sparrow meets Eddy Gordo? What are the Xenomorph from Aliens doing in the Marvel Universe? How do the guys feel about our first official looks at both Batwoman and Red Hood, plus Moon Knight, Moon Knight, Moon Knight. Plus Moon Knight news. Anyways... Welcome to Fireside... did I mention Moon Knight?