CoasterBuzz Podcast #212 - September 17, 2012

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CoasterBuzz Podcast show

Summary: Jeff and Carrie talk about stuff that is loosely related to roller coasters and the amusement industry. It sure has been a long time since we did this. The noise in online communities (football and politics). Cliques, inside jokes, making the community better by participation. Voting up posts, the scoring game. The process of moving cross-country, Carrie and Jeff share their stories. The wing coaster is an interesting "thing" now for coaster enthusiasts. Jeff approves of the Dollywood ride. Cedar Point's new front end, with GateKeeper. A great year of fundraising for Give Kids The World across several events. Jeff explains why CoasterBuzz supports it, and why you should help. Another good year coming for new rides. Jeff shows love for Premier Rides. Is Kentucky Kingdom ever really going to come back? Attention Conneaut Lake Park: It's a business, not a constant fundraiser. Jeff would totally pay for a tour of the rotting Six Flags New Orleans. BooBuzz is coming up October 12 at Cedar Point. CoasterBuzz Club is eleven years old! You can get the latest headlines on CoasterBuzz from the Twitter. Follow us @coasterbuzz. You can also like us on Facebook. CoasterBuzz Club is $25 per year. You can join or renew today. Enjoy CoasterBuzz with no ads.