Episode 12: Keri Asevedo, Rockford Area Habitat for Humanity

All Things Local show

Summary: <p>Welcome to episode number 12 of the All Things Local Podcast. On this episode, I speak with Keri Asevedo, Executive Director of the <a href="https://rockfordhabitat.org/">Rockford Area Habitat for Humanity</a>. She shares how Habitat had to quickly adapt to COVID 19 when all building stopped and their Restore Closed to the public. She shares her career path from working in the criminal justice system to running a $3 million nonprofit with 22 employees and 1,400 volunteers.  She admits she is not afraid to ask anyone for anything if its for a cause she believes in, like Habitat.  Housing is one of those basic human rights, Keri argues, that is often tied up with politics of who gets to live where. Somehow we ended up discussing Kim Kardashian and Kanye West but also more timely topics like racism and classism and how all of that is related to housing. You’ll have to listen to hear the full story. I hope you enjoy our lively and informative conversation.</p>