RTT Episode 22

Rahdo Talks Through show

Summary: <p>Jen's back!!!<br> <br> SHOW NOTES:<br> <br> Escape room nightmare:<br> <a href="https://youtu.be/YQSe19aX9Vw?t=43m10s">https://youtu.be/YQSe19aX9Vw?t=43m10s</a><br> <br> •••[00:01:35] Games of Interest►►►<br> Empyreal: Spells &amp; Steam, Caverna: Höhle gegen Höhle, Codenames: Disney &amp; Marvel Editions, Mottainai: Wutai Mountain, UBOOT: The Board Game, The Expanse, TIME Stories: Estrella Drive &amp; Brothers of the Coast, Aeon's End: War Eternal, Otys, Custom Heroes, Raid on Taihoku<br> <br> •••[00:22:15] Boardgame Q&amp;A►►►<br> Top 5 verbs? Co-op settings? Dream IP? Further Legacy clarification? How to figure out if a game will be good? Honeymoon games? Too many reprints? Multiple characters per player? Auto-succeed die rolls? Perfect co-op dungeon crawl? Which boardgame reviewer do I want to play with? Fresh ideas? What to reprint? Most simpatico boardgame reviewer? Non-BGG online boardgame resources? Best year for boardgames? RTT guests? When will top10 get an update? How can I cover Gloomhaven? To sleeve or not to sleeve? Impulse purchases? First Pandemic play for non-gaming spouse? Rococco jewelry box? Ideal future TIME Story settings? Best &amp; worst components? How to get family more excited about gaming? Game coverage timing? Do I ever finish the runthrough? Percentage of successful kickstarters? My impact on kickstarters? Preferred backup colours? First Feld?  Gamechanging mechanisms? Jen's feelings about Jack the Ripper? Seeland modules? Roll &amp; writes? Dice Tower Con? Dream boardgame? Sirlin games? How did I get Dogs: the boardgame? Off market games? Pfister's standing? Limited moves a design strength or flaw? Gloomhaven alternative? More co-ops... what does it mean? Societal standing of games? Mechanisms first or theme first? Dominion over Trains?<br> <br> •••[01:43:20] Non-Boardgame Q&amp;A►►►<br> 2016 &amp; 2017, really the worst? Escape room experiences? France trip? How do I deal with the negativity thrown at RRT? C'mon, 2016 wasn't that bad, really? How is the real me different than Rahdo? Me as John Wick? My 3 worst habits, according to Jen? When will we leave Malta? A day in the life of me and Jen? Different sleep patterns impact on marriage? Grocery shopping? Programming languages? Westworld? Malta mules? Unpacking? Funniest movie? Medical situation in Malta? Beer situation in Malta? Storm situation in Malta? College tips? Auditory processing disorder? What about Scuttle?</p><p> •••Help Rahdo run @ <a href="https://patreon.com/rahdo">https://patreon.com/rahdo</a><br> •••Send your questions to <a href="mailto:question@rahdo.com">questions@rahdo.com</a></p>